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JHOD office building
JHOD office building

JHOD has been located at Kasumigaseki (the government office quarter near the Imperial Palace) since May 2016.
Before its moving to Kasumigaseki, it was temporarily located at at Aomi (in Odaiba that is famous for leisure area) for about five years, from December 2011 to May 2016.
Before December 2011, it had been located at Tsukiji (next to Tsukiji Fish Market), where many facilities of Japanese Navy were built long time ago, over the past 140 years since its foundation in 1871.


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Tokyo Metro (subway)

About 5 minutes walk from the nearest stations below:

  • Chiyoda / Hibiya / Marunouchi Lines: Kasumigaseki St. (Exit A13)
  • Chiyoda / Marunouchi Line: Kokkai-gijidomae St. (Exit 4)