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About us

  Our fundamental mission is to collect and disseminate information for the safety of navigation and the conservation of marine environment.

Our tasks

Main tasks

  • Safety of Navigation
  • Environment Conservation
  • Disaster Prevention
  • Preservation of Marine Interests
  • Information and Data Service
  • International Cooperation

Our tasks has been increased in various fields where the expertise of HOD can be applied to, responding increasing demands to the sea.

Brochure [PDF 33.7MB]

  • For more details, please see our brochure
  • History

    1871Established the Hydrographic Bureau in the Navy
    1925Started to use echo sounders
    1938Started observation of ocean currents
    1949Became a part of Japan Coast Guard
    1965Established Japan Oceanographic Data Center (JODC)
    1972Started marine pollution survey
    1983Introduced a multibeam echo sounder (MBES) and started surveys on the continental shelf
    1995Published the world’s first Electronic Navigational Chart
    1995Started the Internet data and information service
    1997Started Coastal Environment Information Management
    2002Renamed to Hydrographic and Oceanographic Department
    2003Introduced Airborne Laser Hydrography System (LIDAR)
    2013Started the internet service of Marine Cadastre
    2013Introduced Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV)